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Victoria and Conrad's marriage deteriorates steadily, and the couple begin divorce proceedings.

Despite not knowing Emily's true identity, Victoria never entirely trusts her and attempts to sabotage Daniel and Emily's relationship.

Nolan is also very generous towards the Porter family, helping them financially and otherwise.

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Nolan Ross is a computer genius and Emily's wealthy ally with a cocky attitude and poor social skills.His efforts in matchmaking between Jack Porter and Emily often trigger Emily's wrath.Nolan is bisexual; although he often hits on women at Grayson parties (much to Ashley Davenport's chagrin), he had a relationship with Nolcorp's former CFO, Marco Romero, for many years until 2006.Amanda returns to the Hamptons under a new identity, Emily Thorne, a wealthy socialite dedicated to charity work, to exact revenge on the people responsible for her father's death and wrongful conviction for terrorism.As a youth, she spent time in a juvenile detention center, unaware of her father's innocence until her release when Nolan Ross approaches her.

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