Essays about online dating on line dating services millionaires

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Furthermore, we will look at case studies specific to online dating sites like and e Harmony.

Gibbs (2006) will provide an in-depth study of members to show that in an online setting, members tend to practice similar uncertainty reduction strategies in anticipation of a Ft F meeting.

This would make sense as we tend to fear judgment by other people that we do not know as well.

There also exist some demographic differences in URT.

Next, it is important to have a basic understanding of how CMC developed and the early schools of thought that analyzed this interaction (Parks, 1996).

As the internet has expanded heavily in the last ten years, so have online products and services that utilize communication on a mass scale.

As more users are using the internet, CMC is popular within the context of Social Networking Sites (SNS).

Another study by Gibbs (2010) will offer insight into how URT applies, or doesn’t apply, directly to online dating sites.

Specifically, what strategies are mostly utilized and what cues are critical to the overall interaction.

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