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Still finishing out the last few remaining recaps I haven't done and we now come to the series finale, from September 2011.

This is the age where you might decide to leave an old friend from high school behind because they've become an alcoholic, finally estrange a parent who is cruel and abusive, and around the time when many people say they had their first "real" relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

But love is not something you can just shut off like a faucet.

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Well Kate isn't about to let a lackey go just like that no matter how big the fight was.

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She wouldn't say something like that now, but I think that incapsulates her when she was younger.Others should never have been messed with, like Boy Meets World and Will and Grace. An unintended consequence of this sea change is that revived shows like Kate Plus 8 seem to be surviving on much lower ratings than they ever could before, and new episodes are being ordered, albeit on obviously lower budgets, when they never would have been before. landscape is great for most shows, but breathes life into a few that shouldn't be here, with little to no way for viewers to get them off their screens.Kate got her revival too, starting back up again in 2014 to the present, and it never should have happened. Voting with your remote doesn't seem to make much of a difference these days, with such low audiences. Another interesting thing that seems to have happened is networks don't seem to be making grand cancellation announcements anymore, not usually anyway. I'm not even really sure if Kate Plus 8 got the axe again this year; TLC was never really clear.That's because, doofus, someone like Ashley puts the kids first and hasn't said how she really felt all this time. It's clear her outburst had been building for years.It's hard to tell whether they're really going to patch things up or not but Ashley said they did have small talk conversations a few times since and Kate has said she is welcome anytime.

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