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Logan lies back in the chair and spreads his legs, making it easy to work his hole with his fingers.His jacking becomes more intense, his balls tighten and his creamy jizz begins to ooze; dripping down his cock onto his tight muscular torso.Those can stay inner-focused for friends who already know each other. Any party that gives a Q&A will get a featured article.This brings partnership with new kinds of venues, and new supportive interest in the kind of events they host. A stranger may walk in off the street to discover their new favorite thing. Featured here is a new event in Minneapolis, Minnesota.It’s a New Thing that’s been spreading since the late 2000’s. This builds on the growth of cons, and takes things farther.It’s more ambitious than events that happen once, house parties, or informal meets.It encourages new blood, and crossover to other scenes. It’s yet another one inspired by Frolic in San Francisco, the seed for many new ones across the USA.Organizer Rachel introduces the party: My name is Rachel, that’s my real name and furry name too.

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If that went well, they would be willing to host us every 5th saturday, or more. I decided immediately that I didn’t want to do it alone so I brought Cam, DJ, Mau and AJ on as partners. They were a huge amount of help as they consist of graphic designers, web designers and a logo designer, as well as people that have deep roots in the kink and fur community.After a few minutes of intense pounding Logan stands and turns his ass to the camera.He bends over to show off that tight asshole of his before continuing his jack-off session.Logan Hawk saunters into the Badpuppy studios looking all hot and buff.As he pulls off his shirt and pants we can see that he has not only been working out; but, has added some awesome ink-work.

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