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The consultants used their exclusive network to find very qualified candidates and my personal consultant was able to honestly recommend who he saw as the right candidate for the job.

It is this sense of trust and honesty that I really appreciate.

As We were looking for a recruitment partner with power and size to manage several assignments at the same time. They were reliable in their deliveries and presented us with a strong peloton of candidates.

They also kept us up-to-date and managed the process perfectly. Compass showed a pragmatic and result-oriented approach when helping us find our candidates.

Compass invested precious time in getting to know everything about my business, its DNA and its strategy.

Both the consultant and researcher were very thorough and sketched a clear picture of the desired candidate.

As a result, I was presented with a variety of very good candidates and given the support needed to confidently select the right one.

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The tone of voice was direct and honest, which allowed us to create an informal, pleasant and effective process.

I was searching for a highly-specialised profile and was impressed by the quality of the candidates Compass presented.

It was actually quite difficult choosing among all the good candidates, but I received really good counselling; I ended up choosing a candidate that turned out to be the perfect choice.

They executed the tasks based on a robust yet down-to-earth methodology, and with a personal touch.

They are dedicated to their work and as a results they produced very suitable candidates for us.

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