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She didn't have to explain to him how she felt when she was sad, angry, or lonely. Now 36, Sue worked hard to keep the family financially solvent. Her job as a public relations executive was rewarding but time consuming. She had to work 12 hour days and sometimes Saturdays. Tommy talked her into wearing sexier clothes and had even convinced her that she looked great with short skirts and low cut tops. Tommy wanted to date, but every time he was around an attractive girl, he would become tongue-tied and embarrass himself. When she turned back, Tommy took the opportunity to move his fingers downward again, getting half his hand under the top before she stopped him.It was easier for him just to avoid those situations. Now Sue held his fingers from the outside of the top. Tommy felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest. He squirmed around, trying to find a comfortable position.She was tall at 5' 7" with a well-proportioned body. Most of the men she dated seemed to think that because she was a young widowed woman that she would jump into bed at the drop of a hat. However, like most women, she was critical of her body. Tommy tried to encourage her to go out and have some fun, but whenever he suggested that she find someone, she would always tell him that he was the only man she needed in her life now. " "Mom, you're my best friend," Tommy said seriously, snuggling into her arm.

If you are desperate for a sexual fix, skip down to the middle of Chapter 1, or for that matter any other chapter, and you will find what you are looking for.:) However, I would still suggest that you then go back and read the introduction. Sue's skirt had pulled up her legs, revealing her tanned thighs. Sue also forgot for a short time that she was out with her son. His pretty blue eyes sparkled in the dim candlelight as he laughed and his face lit up like a candle when he smiled. Suddenly, Sue felt a little shiver run through her.

Chapter 1 One Saturday evening, Sue found Tommy sitting in the living room watching TV as usual.

"Mom, uh, uh, you look, look..." Tommy stuttered trying to tell her how great she looked. As he drove, Tommy kept glancing over at his mother's legs. Occasionally, Sue would point out things about how he should act on a date.

However, it tended to show up when he was nervous and all too often, that was in the presents of girls his age. His head fell back on the sofa and he closed his eyes.

Sue Ritter was still a very attractive woman as well.

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