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I looked up searching for some kind of response from him, He simply walked straight by me, and into the next room.

Still sitting on the cold kitchen tiles, I can hear allsorts of movement from the next room.

In fact tell me all about how you came to relish the idea of sitting on my knee with a freshly spanked and paddled bottom being forced to confess how you wish to be abused, and then punished again for enjoying that particular perversity.

I want to read about the full range of your experience, and then I'll change the name, turn it into a story and post it in the library so you can read about yourself...

She had the prototypical naughty girl grin and the tip of her index finger between her teeth.

She loved to spank her clit especially when her pussy was stuffed and she had something up her ass.

Miriam began to slap her clit and said, You sir are an evil man.

You can take as long as you like and cum as many times as you care to, but I want the whole laundry list of your real time and fantasized depravity. I hope it pleases Sir to know that I have chosen my favourite plug/toy, It is beautiful, 6inch clear with gradual levels of width,and also a remote control, incase i forget it is there!

I am sitting in my kitchen, at my laptop, with my plug as requested by Sir with also one hand between my legs as I type, badly probably, but I will try to be as obiediant as possible here.

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