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Do not assume that sex education comes by too early for your children – no child sexual abusers will select their targets by sparing those who are too young.Before your children starts to know what’s going to happen, you can start educating them on which body parts of theirs are restricted to touch by anyone else (including family members or anyone you and your child knows! If you find your children are feeling emotional, or distant from a particularly adult at certain occasions or gatherings, do find out the reasons why.In addition, we should not to let only a single adult to look after a child, besides reducing unnecessary chances for an adult to spent time alone with a child.As you send your children to different places or for any activities (childcare centres, tuition classes*, holy places*, nannies’ houses, etc.), do consider your children’s safety as a responsible parent, and be vigilant at all times.Body & Mind Parenting Our children are the future assets for parents and the nation.As the traditional saying goes, children are like a clean piece of cloth waiting for us to colour their world!” Romeo replied with a serious tone and said, “don’t assume that sexual education is too early for her, most sexual abusers won’t just spare younger children!

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Each child victim had experienced once or multiple times of sexual abuse!Besides sharing verified healthcare information and debunk myths or misconceptions relating to healthcare, Juliet Station is here to do a part in promoting social responsibility.As I’m not too familiar in this topic, I have invited Romeo over to share with you about child sexual abuse (after Lemon was born, this caring uncle has been reading many books on parenting to understand his darling niece better! Romeo hopes Lisa and all of you would pay attention to these 5 Steps to Protecting Our Children™, a prevention training program by an American organisation, “Darkness to Light”.Romeo finds this an utmost crucial thing to do as parents don’t usually know if their children are molested or sexually harassed, until there are physical hurts done on their children.Child sexual abuse refers to a sexual act with a broad definition, involving children being forced to perform oral sex, touch adult’s genitals, watch pornographic images or videos, as well as molestation of children’s genitals, and video recording of children being naked.

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