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They had to move things around to accommodate, and I had to apologize for the airline shenanigans. I only mention the drama because I’d been bragging to my wife the night before about how good I’d gotten at avoiding and managing stress. So I sat down for a few minutes, when I finally arrived. (Nothing new, if you’ve seen European art before.) The Catholic Church was the prevailing power structure, and had plenty of funds, so it was a solid patron, albeit one with a clear agenda. Once translated into another medium as tapestries though, they lost the viscerality of the originals. At least it will be freezing in there, I thought, so I’ll be glad to have it. The exhibit, “World War I: War of Images, Images of War,” has since opened, so you ought to go see it. We were joined in our conversation by Mazie Harris, a curator from the photography department. Perloff presented us with a 6-photo panel piece made in London in WWI.

Must have been Dad, I thought, shaking off my dreams. They’d graciously set up a few meetings on my behalf, to have some of the curators show me work, as their photo exhibitions were changing over. It is as beautiful a setting as you are likely to find, for a museum, anywhere. As near as I could tell, it was straight-up propaganda. (Or something like that.) Soon enough, I found myself in the innards of the museum, still wearing my puffy vest in the 85 degree weather. (In honor of the Centennial.) She was interested in the visual language that was used to depict the War, but also the manner in which imagery was manipulated to present one’s enemies in unflattering ways.

I want around a 1"-2" drop but am afraid stances will go too low. I just want a nice-riding coilover for the street, not going to slam it or track it. Does anyone know how HIGH stance coils can go at their highest setting?

I like how the BCs can go higher in the rear because I plan on raising my car up for the winter.

As they stretched the book wide, which would ultimately reach nearly 40′, I was reminded of that classic So Cal accordion-fold book, “Every Building on the Sunset Strip,” by the ultimate LA guy, Ed Ruscha. If she was going to devote 6 year of her life to something like this, marrying her passion, work ethic, research skills, and all the other component parts, why him? After he had to leave Prague for publishing anonymous photographs following the Soviet invasion, he based himself in London. It flowed out of my fingers, and then, there it was. I’ll be featuring it at length in the coming weeks, so I’ll spare you too much backstory in the here and now.

At that moment, in walked Virginia Heckert, the chief photo curator at the Getty. But he soon began photographing the Gypsy, or Roma communities, for which he became famous. As ridiculous as that bad joke is, the underlying truth stands. And every bone in my body is aching from the deep exhaustion of ten hours of travel each way, with 26 critiques sandwiched in between. It’s not a drag, by any means.) Since this column is as much a running commentary on my life as it is a series of book reviews, I must share that I feel like sleeping for 3 days straight. Suffice it to say, it is a city that has “The Magic.” I live in Taos, a small mountain town that is renown for it’s spiritual juju, so I know of what I speak. Even Tony Bourdain has seen but a fragment, no matter how tired HIS bones might feel. These statements are so obvious as to be practically meaningless, and yet I type them still. Because as photographers, or lovers of photography, we know that the best work manages to tap into the Zeitgeist of a place.

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I hear stance has better valves, but I do not want to slam my car.

I was due up super-early to head to California, so I was none-too-pleased to have my anxiety-ridden sleep interrupted any further. When the phone beeped again, this time as an alarm clock, I rolled out of bed at 5. My first move was to go to see Peter Paul Rubens’ gigantic tapestries in an exhibition that had just opened.

I swatted at the phone to shut it up, and went back to bed.

I have the opportunity to get a set of rims from Avant for stupid low price in either 17x12 and 17x10, or 17x11 and 17x9.5.

I know many have done the second of the two but it seems with the proper offset and tire paired with the correct coil overs and drop you could get them under there. And you can get the inner peice in pretty much whatever color you want.

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