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A small degree of mechanisation (using animal or tractor power) is used in taro cultivation on flat lands, but cultivation on slopes has to rely mainly on manual operations.Much of Fijian taro is grown in pure stands especially on slopes.On the slopes, the cropping rotation adopted is such that taro follows ginger, and cassava comes in after the taro.Where kava is grown, taro is often used as a nurse crop to provide shade for the young kava plants.

Planting is most commonly done with suckers, although corms or corm pieces are occasionally used.

For several decades, it ranked second to ginger in terms of root crop export income, but since about 1994, it has surpassed ginger as a foreign exchange earner.

This has resulted partly from new markets and higher prices that arose from the demise of the Samoa taro export market.

Sticks, poles or forks are used to dig up the corms.

Most of the taro goes for domestic consumption (Figure 4).

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