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Lake sediments from this depleted water body have provided ample material for frequent dust storms. Search - Free Language Sites Because font sites come and go on the Internet, the best service SEELRC can provide its users is this Yahoo! Return to RAPID REFERENCE INDEX Flag of Uzbekistan ; more on flag and symbols ; Anthem (words); Anthem (music) Map of Uzbekistan and Quick Facts ; More Maps UCLA Language Profile - Uzbek ; Ethnologue: Languages of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Images Famous Uzbeks ; Uzbek Cuisine Uzbek Music , More Megasites Search Engine Colossus - Uzbekistan Links to primary Uzbek language search engines and gateways.Russian and East European Network Information Center (REENIC) - Uzbekistan This link to the Russian and East European Network Information Center website at the University of Texas, Austin, has been preset to connect you directly to resources related to Uzbekistan.REESWeb - Search Uzbekistan Do a "search keyword" for "Uzbekistan" in the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Russian and East European Studies website database.DMOZ Open Directory - Uzbekistan Extensive resources page, includes links to Interactive Portals, Music and Art, Country/Regions, etc.Websites on Central Asia and Uzbekistan By Mark Dickens, contains a good selection of general regional and Uzbek specific websites.In August 2009 when this photo was taken, the Northern Aral Sea (upper right) still appeared healthy, the Southern Aral Sea consisted of two isolated water bodies: an irregular oval shape directly southwest of the Northern Aral Sea, and the long, thin remainder of the Southern Aral Sea's far western lobe.Much of what finally doomed the Southern Aral Sea was an attempt to save its neighbor to the north.

Search - Pre-set for Uzbek The Google search engine has been preset for you to search the Internet using the Uzbek language.

These challenges are international in scope and are priorities for the Central Intelligence Agency.

If you have information about these or other national security challenges, please provide it through our secure online form.

As its water levels dropped, the lake began splitting into smaller pieces: the Northern (Small) Aral Sea and the Southern (Large) Aral Sea.

The Southern Aral Sea further split into eastern and western lobes.

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