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• According to local press in New Zealand earlier this year, a woman was banned from playing in a Southland-wide club rugby competition.• It was only after national outrage that an 11-year-old football player – who was kicked off her local Catholic Youth Organisation football team because she was a girl – was allowed to play again.• Dutee Chand, a teen from India, was banned from the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games because she had hyperandrogenism, which is the presence of high levels of testosterone in the body.She is currently fighting the ban in court.• But it's not just women who have restrictions against playing sport: There are laws against women enjoying sport too.

• According to Detroit police, a man shot and killed Mary Spears, 27, after she rejected his advances in October.

• Women in the military also say that they were fired for being raped.

A Pentagon study estimates the number of sexual assaults each year in the US army is close to 19,000.

In seven of the 34 countries, abortion is not permitted, and in eight others, it's allowed only to save a woman's life.

• Almost every piece of "advice" given to women to avoid rape or sexual assault is to "not drink so much" and "never leave your drink unattended." As Jessica Valenti writes in The Guardian: "Warnings to avoid alcohol in order to avoid being raped send a clear message to women: you can never make a mistake, or any crime committed against you will be at least partially your fault."• Survivors of rape and sexual assault are more likely than non-victims to attempt or consider suicide.

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