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She has lived at 4354 Wisteria Lane in Fairview since 1994 and is also said to have a timeshare residence in Aspen that she never uses.

Bree is based on creator Marc Cherry's own mother, and the Van de Kamp family is based on the family in which he grew up.

After they graduated, they married and had two children, Andrew and Danielle, and moved to Fairview.

Bree is very much written as an exaggerated version of the characteristics often attributed to White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Americans; she has been called a "hyper-uptight WASP." Bree is recognized for her perfectionist attitude and work ethic, which at times border on neurosis and obsessive–compulsive disorder.

Bree supports the Republican Party, as stated in the season 3 opener, and is also known for being a member of the local Presbyterian church, as shown in the episode Sunday.

Unfortunately, in Andrew's case, this leads to him drink-driving and accidentally knocking down Juanita Solis, leaving her seriously injured.While the writers have shied away from an official diagnosis, the character is recognised as suffering from obsessive–compulsive personality disorder.The character herself refers to her "quirks" in terms of anal retentiveness but Rex once mentioned it by the name.Rex and Bree conceal this to protect him but Bree is soon disappointed with his lack of remorse.Determined to make him realize that there are consequences to his actions, she reveals, in an anonymous tip-off to the coach of the swimming team, that Andrew keeps marijuana in his locker.

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