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Fifteen-year-old Khartoun* told Al Jazeera she was sold into sex slavery after she arrived in Bangladesh by boat to escape a brutal military crackdown.

She was alone - her mother, father and sister had been killed by a mortar shell fired by the Myanmar military during a sweeping crackdown against Rohingya people.

But DHS has no authority to regulate certain summer camps, including Camp Spirit, because of how state law is written, Gillis confirmed."Any time institutions don't rectify safety concerns after DHS citations, we have major concerns," Andreozzi said.

Rohingya girls and women in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar are being sold as sex slaves, according to a victim and aid agencies.

Olivia Headon of the International Organisation for Migration said urgent action was required to keep women and girls safe in Bangladesh's refugee camps.Upon Khartoun's arrival in September, two women approached her on the beach and told her they would help her."They told me if I went with them they would look after me and help me find a husband," Khartoun said. Do you want to be killed the way the military kill people in Myanmar? The UN and aid agencies said labour and sex trafficking in refugee camps have gotten worse with the recent influx of more than 620,000 Rohingya."Despite all that the York YMCA knew about B., no one at the organization implemented any precautions during his time at Camp Spirit in 2014 or 2015."No other details about the 2014 case could be obtained Friday. The baby's body was found in a shoe box in a bedroom closet at Martin's home, police have said.Her defense attorney, Chris Ferro, called it a "horrible, but explainable, tragedy."As for the Camp Spirit incident, Ferro said Martin properly reported what she saw to her supervisors."I think at all times Kelsey handled the situation admirably," he said.

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